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    Capsaicin natural
    Capsaicin Natural
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    Life Sciences Chemicals Organics
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    Valiant capsaicin
    Capsaicin natural
    Capsaicin Natural
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    Article Title: Pharmacological characterization of potent and selective NaV1.7 inhibitors engineered from Chilobrachys jingzhao tarantula venom peptide JzTx-V
    Article Snippet: Baseline spontaneous firing was recorded for approximately 1 min. Twenty-five μL of PNBM, 325nM capsaicin (MP Biomedicals, 25nM final, EC80 ) in PNBM, or 325nM capsaicin plus test compound was then added, and action potentials were continuously recorded for another 2 min with six replicate wells used per condition.

    Article Title: TNFα/TNFR1 signaling is required for the development and function of primary nociceptors
    Article Snippet: Briefly, mass cultures of nociceptors were established in NGF, loaded with Fluo-4, then imaged before acute treatment with 1μM capsaicin (MP Biomedicals), 100μM L-mentho l (MP Biomedicals), or 100μM mustard oil (Acros Organics).