thin walled borosilicate glass  (Millipore)

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    Borosilicate glass
    SRM 93A cert SRM 93A SDS
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    Millipore thin walled borosilicate glass
    SRM 93A cert SRM 93A SDS walled borosilicate glass/product/Millipore
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    Article Title: Microscopic Characterization of Biological and Inert Particles Associated with Spacecraft Assembly Cleanroom
    Article Snippet: .. Next, the PC filters and the trapped particles were mounted on to the borosilicate glass Buchner filter funnel device (Millipore, USA), washed with sterile water, and stained with BacLight stain mixture. .. The stain mixture contained equal volumes of propidium iodide (PI) and SYTO 9 solution provided in the BacLight viability kit (catalog no. L7012; Molecular probes, Invitrogen, Carlsbad, USA).


    Article Title: Asymmetric division through a reduction of microtubule centering forces
    Article Snippet: .. Injection pipettes were prepared from siliconized (Sigmacote; Sigma-Aldrich) borosilicate glass capillaries (1-mm diameter). .. Glass capillaries were pulled with a needle puller (P-1000; Sutter Instruments) and ground with a 30° angle on a diamond grinder (EG-40; Narishige) to obtain a 5–10-µm aperture.


    Article Title: Entamoeba Clone-recognition Experiments: Morphometrics, Aggregative Behavior, and Cell-signaling Characterization
    Article Snippet: Entamoeba strains were grown at 23 ° C ( E. invadens IP-1, E. invadens VK-1:NS, E. terrapinae , E. moshkovskii Laredo and E. moshkovskii Snake) or 37 ° C ( E. histolytica HM-1:IMSS and E. dispar ) under axenic conditions in flat-bottomed 48-well plates or 16-ml borosilicate glass tubes containing: media TYI-S-33 , NYU (same as TYI-S33 but tryptone replaces casein digest peptone) or LYI-S-2 ( ); all media were enriched with 10% ABS (Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis, MO; , , ; ).

    Article Title: Boron Alleviates Aluminum Toxicity by Promoting Root Alkalization in Transition Zone via Polar Auxin Transport 1Boron Alleviates Aluminum Toxicity by Promoting Root Alkalization in Transition Zone via Polar Auxin Transport 1 [OPEN]
    Article Snippet: H+ -selective microelectrodes were pulled from the borosilicate glass capillaries with an external tip diameter of 1.5 ± 0.5 μm (XY-DJ-02; Younger) and filled with an ion-selective H+ liquid exchanger (LIX; catalog no. 95293; Sigma-Aldrich).


    Article Title: Novel Fluid-Fluid Interface Domains in Geologic Media
    Article Snippet: .. A model glass bead pack consisting of 1-mm borosilicate glass beads (Sigma-Aldrich) was used as a model reference porous medium for consistency with the standard conceptual model and prior imaging studies. ..