2017 Biotech Predictions Foretell Race Towards Cloud, e-Commerce and Greater Transparency


 Bioz Anticipates Industry to "Catch Up" in Adopting Trending Technologies to Accelerate Life Science Research in Year Ahead


PALO ALTO, Calif. - Dec. 13, 2016 - Bioz, Inc., developers of the world's first search engine for life science experimentation, today highlighted six predictions for how the biotechnology industry will make strides in 2017 to advance health and drug discovery.


Bioz predicts that 2017 is the year biotech truly will catch up in terms of adopting new trending and emerging technologies in order to accelerate life science research and ultimately save lives. Not only does this include embracing the cloud, but also finding better ways to reach researchers and scientists through more efficient and transparent e-commerce tools that structure and aggregate knowledge from scientific data.


"The race is on for traditional life science tool companies to adopt modern e-commerce platforms, such as advanced cloud-based search engines, unbiased reagent rating platforms, life science tool usage guides, and more efficient and transparent procurement methods," said Daniel Levitt, co-founder and CEO of Bioz. "This shift is crucial, so that tool vendors can stay competitive in this crowded market of over 10,000 companies, and so that they can play a pivotal role in life science research by offering higher-quality products for researchers to use in experiments."


Bioz' 2017 predictions include:








These predictions are based on what Bioz co-founders are seeing first-hand in the biotech and life science industry. Bioz co-founder and CEO Daniel Levitt is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several life science and high-technology companies, including a software company that was acquired by Microsoft. Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Karin Lachmi is an accomplished Stanford research scientist and the visionary behind Bioz. Dr. Lachmi conceived of the idea for the company after years spent as a researcher, and having to deal with the inefficient and time-consuming process of product identification in the lab. With their combined expertise, Levitt and Dr. Lachmi provide broad insight into the biotech industry.


Bioz technology taps the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to mine and structure hundreds of millions of pages of complex and unstructured scientific papers, placing an unprecedented amount of summarized scientific experimentation knowledge at researchers' fingertips. Bioz Stars provides unbiased and objective algorithmic ratings that are displayed for over 200 million life science products, tools, reagents, lab equipment, instruments, assays and kits.


Bioz is available free to researchers and scientists. Visit www.bioz.com and start using Bioz today to find the best products for your experiments.


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Bioz, Inc. offers the world's first search engine for life science experimentation. The patent-pending software platform combines the work of scientists with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to help life scientists in academia and biopharma make faster and smarter experimentation decisions, ultimately speeding up drug discovery and increasing the rate of success in finding cures for diseases. Founded in 2013 by Stanford research scientist, Karin Lachmi, Ph.D., and CEO Daniel Levitt, Bioz is a Stanford-StartX accelerator company. Bioz is used by 75,000 researchers from over 10,000 universities and companies in 189 countries. Try Bioz at www.bioz.com.


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